OMG It’s 2020 Already? MOTO2N WINTER UPDATE FEB ’20

It’s pretty cold and miserable outside, but I’ve been fixing bikes whenever it’s over about 45 degrees or so.

The best way to book is still online, but you’re also welcome to text me at (720) 634-6935. Book online or send me a text. Email works too, but I’m way better about looking at it when it’s warm outside!

Calling me is still the least effective way of getting my attention. My phone hasn’t made a sound since 2009, and I don’t look at it unless I need it for something. If you want to talk on the phone, send a text to (720) 634-6935 saying so, and we can schedule a call via text.

If you’re looking to get a bike fixed TODAY ON DEMAND LIKE I’M AN UBER DRIVER please please please CALL SOMEONE ELSE. And good luck! You’re gonna need it! Nothing really happens super fast in the world of motorcycles unless you DO IT YOURSELF.

Alright, let’s get on to the fun stuff. Recent projects!

Genuine Buddy 150cc Italia

I picked this up from a customer as a kind of trade deal. I guess I’ll be fixing his YZ250F up good and proper come spring time! Anyway, it’s a Genuine Buddy 150 “Italia,” and it goes about 55-60mph. Has new tires, recent carb clean, oil change, filter (HF183) change, new air filter too. It runs really well! It’s a little ugly! It’s FOR SALE!

No title (also not stolen) and it’s up to you how you wanna use it. Ride it “dirty” or use it as a pit bike. I care not. Say you saw it here, on my website, and I’ll let it go for $700. Text me at (720) 634-6935.

Genuine Buddy Scooter

Genuine Buddy 150cc

Did I mention it has new tires? Well it does. That by itself would cost you about $220 to have me roll out and do it on the spot.

Genuine Buddy 150

Genuine Buddy 150cc

This thing fires up easy and runs great regardless of the weather! If it doesn’t sell I intend to keep it! It’s faster than a modified Zuma/Elite and about half the trouble! I can’t recommend this particular make/model enough. They are the very best of the GY6-powered scooters in-my-humble-but-extremely-accurate-opinion.

YZ80 Crankshaft Replacement

Someone tried to rebuild this thing’s top end, but the crank was shot. They also used about a pound of RTV trying to get the cylinder head to seal. Why? Who knows?! Maybe they didn’t trust those itty-bitty o-rings to seal (the o-rings work fine LMFAO). This is what it looks like when I have to remove the engine, split the cases, and install a new crankshaft in a YZ80 engine.

YZ80 crankshaft replacement

YZ80 crankshaft replacement

And here it is all put back together:

YZ80 engine assembled

YZ80 engine assembled

It’ll cost you about $350 + parts to have me remove the engine from your 80-85cc motocross bike and replace the crank. You might as well have me do the top end at the same time. It’s just parts right? Also note that motocross bikes are NOT “bulletproof” instead they require more-or-less meticulous maintenance to keep them running for any length of time. The vast majority of people who own them but don’t race them would be better off on some kind of trail bike like a Honda XR or a Yamaha TT-R. Also my humble but accurate opinion.

The GSXR600 Auction

I have a thing for old Suzukis. Don’t ask. It’s silly and doesn’t make any sense. It’s kind of a “fandom” thing. If I’m a “fan” of anything it’s old Suzukis. I like the old GS bikes, RM bikes, and the later GSX, Bandit, and GSXR type bikes. I’m actually a little “big” for the GSXRs, but I don’t care. I’ll make myself fit on a bike I like.

Of all the things I did or tried to do last year, I’m pretty stoked this didn’t happen. I had the high big at $1400 on and was pretty stoked when I got outbid at the last second. As much as I’d love a minty, water-cooled first year GSXR to ride around for fun, I really don’t *NEED* it. Since when has that stopped any of us though?

The GSXR auction

The GSXR auction

I’d have been happy to have given $1400 + freight but the way it worked out I decided it was better someone else had a crack at it. I was only 7 years old when this bike came out, but I’ll always love the way 90s sportbikes look. ONE DAY RIGHT?!

KZ1000 Resurrection

A carb cleaning and a few minor repairs brought this one back to life for my homie at 5th Gear Motos. If you have a dirt bike that needs work in Colorado Springs, I suggest you call them. If you have a scooter or street bike, TEXT ME at (720) 634-6935. Or, you know, click the button on the right and just book online and make our lives easier!

KZ1000 carb work

KZ1000 carb work

So the KZ1000 is one of the original 70s superbikes. This one was sweet and makes me want one bad. Anyone have one for sale cheap?! LOL!

Hey look it’s my ugly mug!

I’ve never posted a selfie because eff that, but this is the dude you’re talking to when you get me on the phone.

This is the guy who texts you back.

This is the guy who fixes your scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs. Guess what? He’s a very real person!

Yours truly

Yours truly

I took this pic of myself skateboarding in a parking garage like a week ago. I’m getting old, but I’ll always be young at heart!

That’s all for now folks. The weather’s about to get warmer, and my schedule is going to fill up super fast as soon as the weather turns! You know the drill! Please text questions to (720) 634-6935 or just book online!

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