LABOR RATE: $85/hr

(as of 3/14/2017)

Minimum Service Charge

If you decide repairing your bike is too costly, only the SERVICE CALL($25-$75, depending on location), DIAGNOSTIC TIME (30m, or $42.5), and SHOP SUPPLIES ($3.35) are due at the conclusion of your appointment.

The minimum service charge can be as little as $70.85 or as much as  $120.85, depending on your location.

You’ll be able to make a decision about paying just the minimum or going ahead with further diagnostic or repair work after the first half hour. Note that some issues take longer than a half hour to diagnose.

If you have second thoughts after the first half hour, pay the minimum service charge and send me on my way, no questions asked.

Service Call Fee

Colorado Springs: $25

Denver Metro, south of 6th Ave: $25

Denver Metro, north of 6th Ave: $50

Downtown Denver, all paid parking: $50

Pueblo: $75

Ft. Collins: $75

Diagnostic and Repair

I diagnose your bike’s issue based on “time in”.

The clock starts as soon as I touch your bike with one of my tools. It ends when YOU say it ends or when I figure out what’s wrong with your bike.

  • Storage, proper or not, often does more damage to scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs than beating-the-snot-out-of-them on a regular basis. If you own a scooter, motorcycle, or ATV, I suggest using the machine as much as possible rather than letting it sit for extended periods of time.
  • Note that bikes with more than one thing wrong with them can sometimes take more than an hour to diagnose.
  • For instance, I may be able to diagnose your first issue in 10 minutes and quote you a flat rate for that repair, but your bike may still need more repairs beyond the first thing I find wrong with it.
  • If your bike developed its issue “suddenly”, without warning during normal operation, there’s likely to be just one thing wrong with it. In these instances, diagnostic times are often quite short.
  • The opposite is true if your bike has been sitting for a long time. The diagnostic and repair process can, but doesn’t always, turn into a nightmare of epic proportions for bikes that have been sitting for more than a few years.
  • Some bikes require a partial or complete mechanical restoration before they will ever run again.

The labor rate for diagnostic work performed on a “time in” basis is $85/hr.

Repairs are then quoted on a flat rate, based on the above labor rate. Here are a few examples:

Single carburetor cleaning (most scooters, dirt bikes, and ATVs): $85-$105

Multiple carburetor cleaning (most motorcycles): $160 for 2 carburetors; $320 for 4 carburetors

Remove and replace 4 spark plugs (most cruisers and sportbikes): $63.75 + plugs

The above quoted flat rate repair prices apply to most, but not all, machines. PARTS NOT INCLUDED


Your machine must be in good working order before I can start maintaining it for you.

All maintenance and modification work is carried out on a “flat rate” basis. “Flat rate” means you pay the same price regardless of how long it takes me to perform the work.

Please call for a quote on any and all work you need me to perform on your motorcycle. The maintenance rates quoted below apply only to popular 2-stroke and 4-stroke scooters, not motorcycles.

Oil changes for motorcycles start at $49.75 + parts (oil and filter) + service call ($25/$50/$75).

If you own a scooter, keep reading to find out more about how I price the maintenance services I offer.

Two-Stroke (2T) Scooter Basic Service


  • Oil top-off from a fresh bottle of synthetic 2T oil.
  • Spark plug removal and replacement.
  • Air filter cleaning or replacement.
  • Charging system check.
  • Visual inspection.

$99 + $12 to $45 for a replacement air filter, if necessary + service call + shop supplies.

Oil and spark plug INCLUDED.

2T +PlusService


  • Everything from the basic service.
  • Steering neck bearing lube and adjustment.
  • Gear oil drain and fill.
  • Pivot and cable lube.

$179 + parts + service call + shop supplies. Gear oil is INCLUDED.

Four Stroke (4T) Scooter Service – Basic

  • An oil change is the only difference between a 2T basic service and a 4T basic service.
  • 2T scooters DO NOT require oil changes. 4T scooters DO.
  • Everything from the 2T service is included.
  • The price difference accounts for the fact that I need to drain your oil and dispose of it for you.

$129 + $12-$45 for air filter, if necessary + service call + shop supplies.

4T +PlusService

  • Same as the 2T +PlusService.
  • Oil + filter change.

$199 + parts + service call + shop supplies. Gear oil included with shop supplies.

(not including modern Vespa or Genuine Stella)


Click here to learn more about popular scooter mods.

Many modification quotes are bike specific, so please call if you’re interested in having aftermarket parts installed on your scooter or motorcycle.

Most 2-cycle big bore kits: $150 labor + parts

Most 4-cycle big bore kits: $195 labor + parts

Jetting a single-cylinder dirt bike for altitude: $150 labor + parts

For certain services, like jetting a dirt bike or ATV, you may need to meet me at the nearest motocross track or off-road trailhead for me to do the work. You’re on the hook for my gate fee ($10-$20, depending on the track), but the service charge remains the same. If you’re in Denver, we’ll meet at IMI Motorsports Complex ($20 gate, $50 service call). If you’re in the Springs, we’ll meet at Dragonman’s track ($10 gate, $25 service call).

I am simply not willing to open your bike all the way up on the residential streets around your neighborhood. Doing that would be stupid of me, not to mention extremely unsafe for me, you, and your neighbors. If we’re at the track or trail, I can take the spurs to your machine and really get a feel for how it’s running and tune it accordingly.

All repair, maintenance, and modification services are by appointment only.

Appointments are available sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week, including weekends. For weekday appointments, you can book online. Read more about booking online here. You must call to schedule a weekend appointment. 

I am MOBILE, which means I come to you and repair your bike on-the-spot in most, but not all, cases. Occasionally I will need to take your bike back to my home/shop for more extensive repairs and testing.

The phone number is (720) 634-6935.

Leave a message with your name and number if I don’t pick up right away.