SHOP RATE: $115/hr

(UPDATED 4/13/21 – New shop rate goes into effect for all appointments booked AFTER 4/13/21. Existing appointments will be subject to the old pricing)

There’s no diagnostic charge for projects that are completed in less than 30 minutes. There’s no diagnostic charge for repairs that are glaringly obvious. (example: broken clutch cable due to wear). There’s no diagnostic charge for basic maintenance (oil and filter changes, tire changes).

There is a half hour (30m) minimum for all appointments.

The best way to reach me is to BOOK ONLINE.

Minimum Service Charge

Service Call $40/Denver $95/CO Springs
Diagnostic NO MINIMUM
Labor $57.5 (30 minutes)
Parts VARIABLE. Some bikes need parts; others do not.
Shop Supplies $3.75
TOTAL $101.25 in Denver $156.25 in CoS

Keep reading for more details about what’s included in the “MINIMUM SERVICE CHARGE”.


Covers fuel and wear and tear on the service van.


I diagnose your bike’s issue based on “TIME IN”.

The clock starts as soon as I touch your bike with one of my tools. It ends when YOU say it ends or when I figure out what’s wrong with your bike. I will then be able to give you a flat rate estimate for the necessary repairs. I can figure out what’s wrong with most, but not all, machines in 10-20 minutes.

If I complete your repair in 30 minutes or less (rare, but it happens), only the minimum service charge is due. If you decide not to go through with repairs after I diagnose your bike (very rare, but it happens), only the minimum service charge is due.

  • Storage, proper or not, often does more damage to scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs than beating-the-snot-out-of-them on a regular basis. If you own a scooter, motorcycle, or ATV, I suggest using the machine as much as possible rather than letting it sit for extended periods of time.
  • Note that bikes with more than one thing wrong with them can sometimes take more than an hour to diagnose.
  • For instance, I may be able to diagnose your first issue in 10 minutes and quote you a flat rate for that repair, but your bike may still need more repairs beyond the first thing I find wrong with it.
  • If your bike developed its issue “suddenly”, without warning during normal operation, there’s likely to be just one thing wrong with it. In these instances, diagnostic times are often quite short.
  • The opposite is true if your bike has been sitting for a long time. The diagnostic and repair process can, but doesn’t always, turn into a nightmare of epic proportions for bikes that have been sitting for more than a few years.
  • Some bikes require a partial or complete mechanical restoration before they will run again.


I must diagnose your bike’s issue before I can give you a flat rate estimate for repairs.

Labor after the diagnostic session is quoted on a “FLAT RATE,” which means the cost is fixed regardless of how much time it takes to complete the work.

Flat Rates

Carburetor cleaning $115/carb + parts
4-cylinder carburetor cleaning (most UJMs and 90s sportbikes) $400 + parts
Cable replacement $31.35/cable + parts
Scooter belt replacement $57.5 + parts
Motorcycle chain/sprockets removal and replacement $115 + parts
Scooter tire removal and replacement $57.5/ea + parts
Big Bore Kit for GY6 50cc/QMB139 (most Chinese scooters) $235 + parts

Note that these are EXAMPLES only and apply to most, but not all, machines.


Some repairs, like carburetor cleanings, are often completed without having to order parts.

Other repairs like removing and replacing belts, chains, and/or sprockets require parts to complete.

If your bike suffers from a “no spark” issue, I will most likely need to order parts. I keep CDI boxes for “GY6” type scooters in stock. If your bike needs a stator, I will most likely have to order it. There’s no additional charge for the second trip; both trips are covered under the same service call.


Includes chemicals and supplies like carburetor cleaner, brake cleaner, and shop towels.

If it comes out of a spray can or from a roll, it’s included with “shop supplies.”

If I have to pour, measure, or count it, it’s considered “parts” and costs extra.

For example; chain lube is shop supplies, but motor oil is parts.

Electrical connectors are parts and cost extra. Fasteners are parts and cost extra.


The best way to score a discount is to NOT ASK FOR ONE and be cool.

I like teachers, academics, social workers, mental health pros, scoot/moto gals, tech bros, scientists, comedians, OFF-DUTY cops, paramedics, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, atheists, creatives (musicians, writers, artists all sorts – I LOVE YOU!!!), magicians (seriously! show me a magic trick! I love close-up card magic! Ricky Jay is one of my all-time heroes), retirees, LGBTQ* people, international people, self-employed people, business owners, military peeps/brats, DoD/DoE employees, etc.

Telling me about something I don’t know, telling me about something interesting, or making me laugh are all great ways of getting discounts on labor.

I appreciate good negotiators, so if you think you have the chops feel free to try. Trying to “play hardball” or being passive aggressive will get you blacklisted, so you better know what you’re doing if you want to play the negotiation game. Game recognize game; takes one to know one; that kind of thing.

Jerks get charged more. Don’t be a jerk. 


The total includes the service call, diagnostic time, labor time, parts, and shop supplies minus any applicable discounts.


You can try calling (720) 634-6935 to schedule an appointment, but I’m getting more calls than I can handle, and I don’t have time to return all of the messages.

That said some people do get lucky and get through on occasion, so it’s worth a shot if you can’t or won’t book online.


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