What kinds of bikes do you work on?



I specialize in

  • Scooters regardless of where they come from (China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy)
  • Japanese motorcycles and ATVs

I DO NOT WORK ON HARLEY DAVIDSONS, snowmobiles, jet-skis, boats, motorized bicycles, aircraft, generators, chainsaws, or anything that’s powered by electricity.

I work on vintage bikes and mopeds on a case-by-case basis. “Vintage” to me means anything made before about 1995. A “moped” is any machine w/ PEDALS and an engine.

What’s it cost to, you know, have you come out and take a look at my machine?

My minimum is $101.25 (for Denver and Metro area, more in the Springs). That gets you 30 minutes of diagnostic time ($57.5) along with my service call ($40) and shop supplies ($3.75)

All of this is explained on the pricing page of this website.

How much does it cost to get my scooter/motorbike/quad fixed?

It depends on what’s wrong with your machine.

I won’t know what’s wrong with your scooter until I look at it.

Ballpark pricing is anywhere from $101.25 (my minimum) to $500+.

How does your pricing work?

It works the same as every other mechanic. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Diagnosing the problem is “time in” at $115/hr. Once I know what’s wrong with your bike, I stop the clock and complete an estimate. You approve the estimate, and I complete the work.

It takes between 5 and 30 minutes to diagnose most motorbike problems.

My customers tell me I’m less expensive than taking their bikes to a shop despite the fact I price my services like most motorbike shops. I’m more than reasonable, and I have 300+ references for you to call to verify I am what I say I am and do what I say I’m going to do.

I’m confused. How much does it cost to fix my scooter?

It depends on your scooter, what’s wrong with it, the cost of parts, etc.

If you’re worried about the cost of having a skilled mechanic repair or maintain your bike, I suggest you learn how to repair or maintain it yourself.

I charge $115/hr to diagnose your bike’s issue or issues. This takes between 5 and 30 minutes or $10 to $57.5. Once I know what’s wrong with your bike, I work up a flat-rate estimate that includes diagnostic time, labor time, parts, the service call, and shop supplies.

A ballpark figure is anywhere between $101.25 for simple problems to $500+ for more complex or multiple issues, depending on what’s wrong with your bike.

What’s it cost to have you look at my bike?

My minimum is $101.25, which includes the service call, shop supplies, and 30m of “time in” labor.

I tried to book online, but it says it costs $216.25. Then I saw it costs $101.25 on a different page. Which one is it?

You won’t be charged anything when you book online. You won’t be charged anything until I actually fix OR diagnose your bike. Believe me, I wish it was easy as saying “I can fix your bike for $300 no matter what’s wrong with it!” That’s just not how it works.

The $216.25 figure includes a half hour of diagnostic time ($57.5), an hour of flat rate labor ($115) and my service call ($40) and shop supplies ($3.75).

The $101.25 figure includes a half hour of diagnostic time ($57.5), service call ($40), and shop supplies ($3.75). Quite frankly, and as I’ve written half a dozen times or more on this very page, I have no idea how much money it’s going to cost to fix your bike until I figure out what’s wrong with it and work up an estimate.

My minimum is $101.25. I can fix MOST (but not all) bikes for a couple, few hundred bucks. If “a couple, few hundred bucks” is “a lot of money” for you, you might want to buy some tools and learn how to DIY.

Still confused. What’s it going to cost to fix my bike?


It’s $115/hr to diagnose your bike’s issue or issues.

It takes me between 5 and 30+ minutes to figure it out. Once I know what it’ll take, I work up an estimate.

Why do you keep repeating yourself?

Because I get asked the same question over and over and over again, and it drives me crazy.

What’s it cost to? My mama always told me if I had to ask, I probably couldn’t afford it.

Why do I have to give you my credit/debit card info to book online?

When you book online, I know you have an Internet connection, enough brain cells to use that Internet connection, a bank account, and a credit/debit card.

I would MUCH RATHER deal with someone like you, who takes the time to read about what I’m up to, books online, and kind-of-sort-of has their shit together, than someone who thinks the Internet is a fad and has a pre-paid flip-phone and $43 in his pockets.

You won’t be charged anything until AFTER I have fixed OR diagnosed your bike.

I’ve tried calling like a million times, but nobody ever picks up. What gives?

I get extremely busy during the warm months.

So busy I don’t have time to take or return calls.

If you really want to get on my schedule, book online. I’ve made this really easy for you to do.

I let my bike sit over winter. What’s it going to cost to make it run again?

9 times out of 10 (but not every time), your scoot will need a battery, a carburetor cleaning, and a spark plug to run like it did last summer. ASSUMING it doesn’t need anything else, that’s $190-$225 “all in”.

What if my bike needs parts?

I collect all of the money for the parts along with 25-50% of the estimated labor. I then order the parts and call you to schedule a second appointment to finish fixing your bike.

What do you mean by “arrival time” anyway? Are you going to be here at 9AM/2PM sharp or what?

“Arrival time” means I will be there BETWEEN 9 and 10AM OR 2 and 3PM. It’s a one-hour gap, and I will text you about an hour ahead of time to let you know EXACTLY when I will be there.

9-10AM or 2-3PM DOES NOT MEAN I WILL BE THERE at 9AM or 2PM sharp.

9-10AM is a one-hour gap. 2-3PM is a one-hour gap. I will text you about an hour ahead of time to let you know exactly when I will be there. I will be there sometime between 9 and 10AM or 2 and 3PM.

I can’t get a landscaper, plumber, electrician, or cable guy to show up at my place at an exact time, at all. They have 4-hour gaps. I do a 1-hour gap.

Your appointment will be for 9-10AM or 2-3PM. These are arrival times. That means I’ll show up sometime BETWEEN either 9AM and 10AM or 2PM and 3PM. I’ll text you an exact time about an hour ahead of time.

If you absolutely *NEED* an exact arrival time, there’s a $250 surcharge that needs to be paid for in advance.

Do I need to be here for you to work on my bike?


Park your scooter/bike somewhere I can access it and let me know where you’ve hidden the keys.

If you have a garage, leave the keys in your scoot/bike and text me your garage code or other instructions to get inside. I have codes for more multi-million-dollar homes and commercial properties than I have fingers toes beans whatever to count. So far so good.

You can absolutely trust me to lock up properly when I leave, too. I will NOT leave your place unsecured.

I have an old/unusual/interesting/weird bike. Do you work on weird stuff?

I do but only if I find it interesting, and I DO NOT charge top dollar for projects I find interesting but know very little about or have very little experience with. Recent “interesting” projects include a 60s Sears/Puch Allstate 250, a 70s Triumph, a ’78 Honda Express w/ the wind-up starter, and more ancient dirtbikes, ATVs, and trikes than I have fingers to count.

I need my bike fixed ASAP. Can you show up today?

No. I am NOT sitting on my ass just waiting for YOU to call me. I get more calls than I can handle, and, if you sound impatient, broke, unreasonable, or just flat out mean, I won’t return your call.

Nothing happens super-fast in the world of motorbikes unless everyone gets extremely lucky and everything breaks just right. It might take 3-4 days to return your call, and I’ll likely be booking for the next week or week after. If your bike needs parts, add another two weeks AT LEAST. Sometimes three.

In my experience, my timelines are on par with or faster than most of the shops I’ve worked at, which is pretty darn good considering I’m mobile.

Can you fix my bike today or tomorrow?


I get booked out a week or more from March to November. If you’re SUPER NICE and/or a repeat customer, I may be able to offer you a fresh slot when someone cancels. This does not happen every day, and a rando is just as likely to get it as you are. Is what it is.

Do you offer towing or roadside assistance?


With that said, I often go the extra mile for my customers.

Where can I drop my bike off for you to look at it?

You can’t drop it off anywhere. I’m mobile, and I work out of a Chevy Van or a Smart Fortwo full of tools and shop supplies. There is no shop, and you can’t just drop your bike off with me. I come to you and diagnose and/or fix your bike on the spot.

Why should I go with a mobile repair service instead of taking my scoot to a shop?

I can do 98% of what a shop can at least 100% as well as they can. If your bike doesn’t currently run, and you lack the equipment and experience to haul it somewhere yourself, you’ll save $100-$150 on the cost of a tow by booking an appointment and having me fix your scoot or bike.

Do you offer discounts for poor people?


I do “cool people” discounts only if you’re cool. Asking for a discount is not cool.

I’m on a really tight budget, and I can’t afford to have my bike fixed, but I really need it fixed. Any chance you have time and money to buy the parts I need for my bike and fix my bike for free?


Believe it or not, people pull this kind of crap on me every once in a while.

The answer is absolutely not. NO! I do *NOT* do ANYTHING for free, and neither does anyone else.

You mean it, like, costs money to have you fix my stuff?

Yes. It costs money.

Can you change a tire and/or tube on my scooter/motorcycle/ATV? How much?

Tubes, yes on pretty much all bikes that use them. Tires, yes maybe. I can do tires on scooters, dirtbikes, and many or most metric cruisers w/ spoke wheels. Scooter and dirtbike tire/tube changes are 100% a go. Other bikes are case-by-case.

Scooter and dirtbike tire/tube changes start at $47.5/tire plus service call and shop supplies.

I can tell you right now I DO NOT mount/balance tires on sport bikes, Harleys, UJMs (CB/KZ/GS/XS bikes), or touring bikes (Goldwings etc). Your best bet is to call around to local shops and see what they’ll charge you to remove your wheels and mount/balance your new tires. I can also tell you it won’t be cheap. You can reduce costs by removing your bike’s wheels yourself and taking them to the nearest shop to have your new tires mounted and balanced.

Can you drop everything you’ve planned and roll out to fix my bike at 5PM on a Saturday so I can ride on Sunday?

NOPE!!! LOL!!!

Do you work on snowmobiles/PWCs/boats/cars/trucks/SUVs?


I work on scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. If it flies, floats, or has a steering wheel AND a license plate, I don’t work on it.

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