So Many Motorbikes for April 2019 – MOTO2N is FIXING ALL THE THINGS

This is Year 3 for MOTO2N, and holy smokes…

The demand for what I do has become OVERWHELMING.

I am considering hiring a secretary/assistant. I’m on the fence about that. More info to come, especially if I start really hosing myself trying to return calls, booking appointments, and doing what I do best, which is fixing bikes/scoots/ATVs/UTVs.

This month has been AMAZING, thanks 100% to MY AWESOME CUSTOMERS. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I LOVE Y’ALL, and I’M NOT SHY ABOUT SAYING IT!!! I love meeting you, meeting your families, working in your garages (or in front of your places – don’t need a garage at all), and fixing your bikes.

But let’s talk about this April… It’s been INSANE! I’m booked out until mid-May at this point. I have availability before then, but it’s hit-and-miss. May’s booking up fast, and we’re still in April.


PLEASE book online if you can. It saves everyone time. I can’t guarantee you’ll get the time-slot you picked (people book via phone, too), but you’ll get something close. I’ll always call or e-mail to confirm before showing up. I’m booking for mid-May at the moment. Please be patient! Flexibility is ALWAYS a HUGE plus. I’m but one man, and I work 7 days a week, all hours of the day.

I do NOT do “same day” appointments. It’s just not possible. Please don’t expect me to roll out the same day you call to fix your bike. I’m not sitting on my ass waiting for the phone to ring. I didn’t start doing this yesterday. I’ve been working on bikes for DECADES, and this is YEAR 3 for MOTO2N. My phones ring off their hooks all day long, and I struggle to return all of the calls I get.

CBR1000RR, Hell Yeah

A Mr. Skywalker called, needed his Pod Racer fixed. I rebuilt the forks, changed the oil, and installed a pair of Heli-Bars so his bones can stay comfy on it. Took it for a test-ride. Fighting the front wheel at 100mph+ in nothing but sunglasses and street clothes. FUN FUN FUN!!! 175hp. 190mph top speed. Refined as heck, as a Honda should be. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

Fork rebuild CBR1000RR

Fork rebuild

More pics of the “pod racer”:


Such a rad bike!

Another gratuitous shot of my favorite sporty bike:

CBR1000RR on stands.

CBR1000RR hovering on stands!

I can do fork rebuilds on anything but “BPF” type forks. I have the fancy $200 Race-Tech spring compressor along with a full set of fork seal drivers to rebuild the forks on your modern sport bike. Also have the knowledge and skills to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. If your sport bike forks need rebuilt, call me. I can do them onsite in about 2-3 hours.

KTM Oil Change

I can change the oil on your dirt bike. You should probably do this yourself, but if you can’t, or you just wanna have me do it on top of rebuilding your forks or installing new parts… I’m ya huckleberry!

KTM oil change

MOTOREX! Swiss oil!!!

I hate KTMs, prefer “Big 4” Japanese machines (the Japanese build the BEST motorbikes ever), but if yours needs work… I can likely do it! Not gonna dump Rotella in this thing. It gets the GOOD SHIT!!

113″ S&S Chopper

I kept telling this guy I don’t work on Harleys, but he had a bunch of other cool bikes, and he kept telling me “IT’S NOT A HARLEY! IT’S AN S&S CHOP!!!” so I was like… OK, OK… I’ll take a crack at it. I’m a mechanic. If it’s a machine, I can fix it. The thing started on alky, so I cleaned its carb and then rode the piss out of it. 😛 🙂


113" SS chop.

Big ass American iron!!!


113" SS chopper!


It handled like it was 10′ long. Which is to say like shit. But when I dropped the clutch and pulled the throttle, shit burned out and BOOGIED like a Saturn 5 rocket!!! Too much fun. Makes me wanna buy a Harley. If it’s got two wheels, I can most likely fix it and then ride the wheels off of it before you do! That’s what I do!

Minty Old Hondas

These things melt my heart. Such a cool bike. I fixed his scoot, then he wanted me to look at a fuel leak on this baby. I told him to turn the gas of whenever it’s parked instead of charging him a mint to go to town on the carbs.

Old Honda

Leaks fuel when parked. Just turn the gas off when it’s parked. Problem solved!

What can I say? I’m honest. To a fault.

ATV Maintenance

They’re not my favorite, and they don’t get my blood pumping, but I can do the maintenance on your ATV if you don’t have time to do it yourself.


ATV maintenance

Old Polaris in cool camo bodywork. I dig it! Let’s go hunt something!!!

Ninja Carbs

My specialties are scooters, Japanese dirt bikes, and Japanese sport bikes. This was right up my alley. Cleaned its carbs. Works great now!

Kawi Ninja

Kawi Ninja chassis.

Blown up carbs!

Kawi Ninja carbs

Carbs in the bins.

Don’t try this at home, folks. You’re guaranteed to screw it up. Call me instead! Race mechanic stuff in your driveway!!!

Now Stocking Honda Metropolitan and Ruckus Fuel Pumps and Filters

This is a common problem I solve. If you let your Met or Ruck sit, it’s likely to need a new fuel pump along with a carb clean. I keep these $100 fuel pumps IN STOCK!!!

Met Ruck fuel pumps

Now stocking Honda Met/Ruck fuel pumps

I wrote the book on the Honda Ruckus, by the way. Find that here.

New Hats for MOTO2N

New hats make me happy. I don’t give them to customers. I wear the hell out of them. I love rocking my own gear. But if you’re really cool, and you ask nice, I WILL GIVE YOU ONE. ASK ABOUT IT!!!

MOTO2N hats

Motorbikes are made of TIME AND MONEY!!!

What are motorbikes made of? TIME & MONEY!!! Ask me about a hat if you want one!!!

That’s all for now, folks. I gotta get back to answering calls and FIXING BIKES!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! For having me fix your bikes! I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!!!

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