Changes for 2018: New Phone Number – Winter Special Part 2

Winter Riding

If this weather keeps up, Colorado’s not going to get a “real winter” for the 2017/2018 season.

I may even come out of “hibernation” early if it doesn’t start getting cold in earnest.

New for 2018

MOTO2N has a new phone number. The old phone number was tied to a $12 flip phone from Walmart, and I could barely hear what anyone was talking about when they called me. Regardless, I got enough of the gist of it to schedule appointments and fix a bunch of bikes.

The phone was a problem though, so there’s a new number you can reach me at. That number is:

(720) 634-6935

I should have everything here changed over to the new number soon. The new number works, and you’re more than welcome to call me or text me on it with bike-related questions or to schedule an appointment. Or you can always email me at

Winter Special

Last year I did a crazy winter special, and I’m not doing that again.

HOWEVER, I’ll wave the service call fee if you’re south of C-470 and call to schedule an appointment before April 1, 2018.

It doesn’t matter if we schedule the appointment for after the 1st as long as you call before the 1st. The service call will be capped at $25 for customers north of C-470. This winter special represents $25 savings for you, and it ends on April 1st.

Winter Appointments

I don’t work on bikes in the snow or when it’s less than about 40 degrees outside.

I reserve the right to reschedule appointments on account of crappy weather.

This isn’t just about my comfort, though that’s a part of it. When it’s crazy cold outside, all of the plastic and rubber parts on your bike become brittle, easy to break, and difficult to work with. To reduce the risk of breaking expensive parts, I’d always rather wait for a warm-ish day to work on your bike.

This extends into the Spring and is 100% based on the weather.

To schedule an appointment, call or text me at (720) 634-6935 or send an email to

Aston @ MOTO2N

Aston @ MOTO2N




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