Advantages of Mobile Repair vs. Shop Repair

Even as a lifelong motorcycle nutter and enthusiast, motorcycle shops are some of my LEAST FAVORITE places to visit. The reasons are endless. If the staff is knowledgable (often they’re not), they might not want to talk to you or help you. Even if the “shop down the street” has what I need, I’d rather wait for my motorcycle widgets to arrive in the mail rather than darken their doorway. With rare exception (Performance Cycle in Denver, CO; Newbold’s Motorbike Shop in Wheat Ridge, CO) I’ve never felt welcome at the vast majority of the motorcycle shops I’ve tried to patronize in the past.

Your mileage may vary, but I bet you’ve had similar experiences at motorcycle shops and dealers.

And let me be the first to tell you… There are a TON of advantages to having your scooter or motorcycle fixed onsite, on your turf, at your home or office. Let’s go over a few of these advantages.

You don’t have to haul your bike anywhere.

If your bike is “broken,” chances are it either won’t start, or it would be flat out unsafe to ride it anywhere.

So how are you supposed to get your bike to the repair shop? The first thing the shop’s going to tell you is to call a tow truck. Or a transport service that specializes in motorcycles (Hello! We do that, too: Check out MOTO2N’s Trasport Services page). Rates for motorcycle towing run anywhere from $50-$150 for a local, one-way trip. This adds unnecessary expense to your repair because, in our experience, most issues can be resolved right there on the spot without hauling your motorcycle or scooter anywhere!

Here at MOTO2N, our service call is a one-time $50 for most appointments. That’s less expensive than a trip to the shop!

With mobile repair, there’s zero chance of damaging your bike en route to the shop.

Instead of calling a professional transport service, many people call the first friend they can think of with a pick-up truck. This is a fine option if you or someone you know knows how to secure a scooter or motorcycle in the back of a pick-up truck. It seems easy enough until you actually start doing it. For one, you’ll need a ramp (makeshift or store-bought) just to get your scooter or motorcycle into the truck’s bed. Two, you’ll need some straps (ratchet or cam type). And three, you’ll need to figure out where to attach the straps on both the truck AND the motorcycle or scooter. The consequences of securing the bike poorly, improperly, or not at all are pretty steep – you may do more damage to your scooter or motorcycle than you ever intended!

I don’t mean to make it sound like tying down a motorcycle in the back of a truck is difficult, but it IS one of those things that’s easy to screw up if you’ve never done it before. When you schedule an appointment with MOTO2N, you don’t have to worry about any of that because WE COME TO YOU!

Learn how to fix your bike yourself!

Here at MOTO2N, we have absolutely no problem with explaining what we’re doing to your motorcycle or scooter as we do it. Ever wonder how a carburetor works or how to clean one? We can show you! Ever wonder how to properly use your center stand? We can show you that, too. Anything you might want to know about your scooter or motorcycle, don’t hesitate to ask your MOTO2N mechanic.

At MOTO2N, we take pride in the fact that we are not “just another motorcycle shop.”

If you’ve ever had a bad experience at a motorcycle shop, rest assured that we’re nothing like most shops. If you have questions, we’re here to answer them without ever making you feel “less than” anyone or anything. If you want to learn about working on your own bike, we’re here to teach.

Unlike at a shop or dealer, you’ll have 100% access to the mechanic assigned to work on your bike. Nothing happens behind closed doors, and you’re always encouraged to stick around and see what your mechanic is doing as he does it! At most shops, you talk to a service writer and the mechanic does his work where you can’t see him or her.

At MOTO2N, we do the exact opposite. You get to speak directly with the person assigned to fix your bike.

If you have a scooter or motorcycle that needs work, don’t hesitate to call MOTO2N @ (719) 565-9295 to schedule an appointment. Weekend hours are available all winter long!       

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