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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning MOTO2N’s Services

I don’t have a truck, and I have no idea how to haul a bike anywhere even if I did have one. I’m scared I might do more damage to my bike just trying to haul it! Are you telling me you can come to my house and fix my scooter or motorcycle on-the-spot?

YES! That’s exactly what we do at MOTO2N. We come to you, so you don’t have to worry about hauling your bike to an unfriendly dealership or shop, where your bike might sit for a few days before anyone even looks at it.

How does it work?

First, you call and make an appointment. MOTO2N’s phone number is (719) 565-9295. When you call, we’ll ask you a number of questions about your scooter or motorcycle. This helps us to determine what we should bring with us and how we should prepare for your bike’s session with your MOTO2N technician.

If you have to leave a message, your call will be returned between 8AM-10AM or 6PM-9PM within 48 hours.

What happens during the appointment?

If your scooter or motorcycle does not currently run, your MOTO2N technician will start with a diagnostic session billed at our hourly rate ($85) to determine what’s wrong with it. Once we determine what’s wrong, we’ll quote you a flat rate for the repair.

If all you need is basic maintenance on an already good-running scooter or motorcycle, we’ll quote you a flat-rate for the work over the phone, and we’ll get cracking on the prescribed work shortly after we arrive.

Can I watch you work? 

Unlike most mechanics, we encourage you to stick around for your repair and see what we’re up to, how we do what we do, and to maybe learn how to do some of what we do for yourself!

Your MOTO2N technician is more than happy to explain every aspect of his work to you as he performs it, and he is more than capable of fielding questions as he works on your scooter or motorcycle.

Can I help?  

YES, you can help your MOTO2N technician as he works on your scooter or motorcycle, but we ask you to hold off unless he specifically ASKS for your help.

We ask that you don’t touch the bike, any of its parts, or any of our tools unless specifically asked to by your MOTO2N technician. If you wish to be an active participant in fixing or maintaining your bike, just let us know, and your technician will do everything he can to include you in the process.

Can my kids watch?

We would prefer that your children hang out somewhere else while we’re working on your scooter or motorcycle. We use a lot of chemicals, including some pretty powerful solvents, in the process of fixing and maintaining your scooter or motorcycle.

It’s one thing if our tech gets some carburetor cleaner in his eyes (he’s used to it!); it’s something else entirely if it happens to one of your kids, and he screams bloody murder and makes you think he or she needs medical attention.

We would feel really, really bad if that happened, so we’d rather just do our best to avoid it entirely. Kids are something else entirely, and in our experience they’re impulsive, very poor at listening, following instructions, taking direction, and keeping their hands out of things that might hurt them. For those reasons, we’d prefer that your kids stay far, far away from the work we need to perform on your scooter or motorcycle.

Do you have a shop?

No. We perform all of our work at your home or place of business out of the back of a full-size Chevrolet van, which has been outfitted with the necessary tools for repairing and maintaining scooters and motorcycles. This is the same service vehicle we use when we take our own bikes to the racetrack. It is, in essence, a rolling motorcycle shop. It’s outfitted with 99% of the tools that are available at most motorcycle shops.

What do I need to do to prepare for my MOTO2N appointment?  

We ask that you do not attempt to take your motorcycle apart in an effort to “speed things up” for your technician before your appointment. It can be extremely frustrating for a technician to have to reassemble something he didn’t take apart himself!

We also ask that you ensure there is enough space on your property for our service vehicle and your motorcycle or scooter. The service vehicle is a full-size Chevrolet van, and we prefer to work on your bike on the right side of the van, with the sliding door open. This gives us easy access to our tools. Most driveways are more than large enough for us to do what we need to do. Street-side parking works well too, as long as the adjacent sidewalk doesn’t have much foot traffic. Downtown Denver in a paid parking spot works too, but it costs a little extra for the service call.

If you have a Battery Tender or another type of charger, go ahead and hook your bike up to it at least 48 hours before your appointment. If not, don’t worry about it. We have extra batteries and jumper cables on hand.






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